Order Custom Written Leadership Studies AssignmentsBy · No more than 1600 words (please try to write as close to 1600 words as possible)··· Number of sources at your discretion (enough to show that work and thought was put into this writing) including a information on your chosen leader’s tendency to ·Emotional Intelligence to inform your analysis. Was the leader good or bad? Effective or ineffective? What were the results/consequences of their leadership styles? Etc. · Please try to pick a leader who is not so mainstream that everyone would choose to write about (e. Preferably, a less well-known person but who is still well known enough that there is sufficient information and resources to write about and cite/cross-check. · Analyses of leadership styles/leadership frameworks/leadership characteristics/style attributes used in terms that link with the materials covered in the Project Management course.

including additional material/knowledge from outside of the classroom (e. Topics Covered In Class–– Emotional Intelligence – 5 Dimensions (Social Awareness, Relationship Management, Leadership Behavior, Self Awareness and Self Management = Leaders Effectiveness) – Emotional Intelligence leadership styles (Visionary Style, Coaching Style, Affiliative Style, Democratic Style, Commanding Style, Pacesetting Style)– Leadership Theories (Great Person Theory, Trait Theories, Behavioral Theories, Contingency and Situational Theories, Transactional Theories, Transformational Leadership Theories, Action Centered Leadership, Situational Leadership, Authority) –– AssignmentThis assignment will take the form of a paper of a minimum of 1250 words and a maximum of 1500 words (not including bibliography, references, and cover sheet), which identifies a specific leader (can be political, business or religious; alive or dead) and analyses of his or her style in terms that link with the materials covered in the course.

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transformational characteristics, and information on your chosen leader’s tendency to use manipulation vs. You may also wish to use some of the basic principles of Emotional Intelligence to inform your analysis. You have a free choice of leader, but it is important that you choose someone of either historical or business significance who has had or does have a meaningful public profile. This will make it easier to find materials to support and reference your assertions and analysis in the submitted paper, and will also allow us to grade your paper based on accessible materials and sources.

You are also encouraged to reach outside of materials covered specifically within the class.