THE SETMarket leaders Gough Square are frequently described as a "go-to" set, with one interviewee noting that "in consumer law they will always be the chambers you turn to. " Well known for having a deep bench of barristers, Gough Square has bolstered its offering this year with a number of new arrivals, increasing its ability to offer leading representation and advice across both civil and criminal consumer law matters.

Members regularly act in the most important cases for individuals and companies as well as local councils, enforcement agencies and other government bodies.

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Members also acted in London Borough of Ealing v Asda Stores, one of the first food safety cases to be sentenced under the new sentencing guidelines.

Sources say that "they will always do whatever they can to assist and they provide a first-class service even when under significant pressure Insurance through price comparison websites was required to inform this review, and this document consumer in control of the research and purchase process, allowing them to be self-directed without having to become an of cover. Consumers naturally wanted to believe that the lowest or lower cost quotes are the best..

" Client service: "Senior clerk Bob Weekes is an impressive ambassador for the chambers. His responsiveness, friendliness and attention to every aspect of the chambers' performance is to be strongly commended.

" "The clerks are always available, always find a solution and are totally understanding of commercial realities. " SILKSRegularly defends high-profile corporations against claims of mis-selling and is an expert at advising companies nationwide on their regulatory and enforcement concerns.

He is also the editor of the Pink Book on consumer law. His strategy is phenomenal - he could pick a path through a minefield. " Recent work: Acted for Greggs in R v Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Newcastle City Council and Greggs, a judicial review of the first primary authority scheme concerning the provision of toilets in Greggs' stores.

Handles consumer law cases as part of a flourishing practice that also takes in health and safety, licensing and environment matters. He is an expert on enforcement and European legislation.

He has the sort of mind that allows him to come up with points that are missed by others.

" JUNIORSHead of chambers, who has an extensive track record of handling consumer law cases and advising, lecturing and writing on points of interest pertaining to consumer and food law. She is noted for particular acumen in matters relating to product labelling and borderline medical supplements.

She is also well versed in alternative dispute resolution and has experience of appearing as adjudicator, mediator and arbitrator. Strengths: "She is extremely good and her legal arguments are extremely well crafted.

" "She is always approachable and genuinely interested in the legal technicalities. " Has been at the Bar throughout the lifetime of the Consumer Credit Act and is a leading expert on it.

He regularly advises on the regulatory aspects of the Act and routinely defends retailers accused of putting forward misleading prices. He also handles cases concerning matters such as food safety, unfair commercial practices and advertising.

Strengths: "Fred has made the Consumer Credit Act his own.

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He combines tactical reach with great commercial sense and a very fine tuned strategic thought process.

"Recent work: Appeared in London Borough of Barking v Asda Stores, a prosecution under the Criminal Justice Act relating to the sale of a knife to an underage customer.

The case included complicated issues relating to questions of the application of primary authorities in Trading Standards and under-age sales not strictly applying to knives. Advises on both sides of consumer law, tackling criminal prosecutions as well as civil actions.

His knowledge encompasses such diverse areas as food safety, consumer protection and unfair trading. Strengths: "Jonathan is extremely approachable and friendly, thorough and has a keen desire to make sure every possible twist and turn in a case is anticipated and planned for.

" "He is very good in court, effortlessly charming and hugely experienced. " Recent work: Acted successfully for the defence in London Borough of Wandsworth v Caffe Nero.

The case related to a customer sold a panini containing the bristle from a wire brush allegedly used for cleaning the toasting grill. The case considered issues under food safety legislation.

His diverse consumer law practice takes in food law, trading standards and consumer credit matters in both the Crown and Magistrates' Courts. He regularly acts for well-known retailers, large-scale lending organisations and regulatory bodies.

He is further noted for his representation of local authorities and regulatory bodies such as the Civil Aviation Authority. Strengths: "He is very calm, very sensible and has good judgement.

" "He is very good with clients, he can explain complicated legislation in easy to understand terms and while his preparation is fastidious he is very focused and very much to the point. " Recent work: Appeared for the defendant in R v Brook Hotels (No 1), a case involving allegations concerning food hygiene and the sale of unsafe food.

Has handled regulatory and consumer credit matters throughout the duration of his career. His work typically ranges from representing lenders and drafting consumer credit agreements to advice on consumer contracts and protection.

Strengths: "He is an imposing figure in court and knows just how to get the answers he wants from a witness.

" "He is very pragmatic; his opinions are commercially focused and he will proactively offer solutions 27 Feb 2017 - In light of this research, some economic regulators and competition authorities are replacing the concept of the standard consumer with the concept of the a general overview of how competition, economic regulatory, and consumer protection authorities are responding to the insights from this work..

"Recent work: Acted in Milne v Borro, representing a customer bringing a case against a pawnbroker and provider of auction consignment services.

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Has appeared in numerous cases right up to Supreme Court level. She has regularly represented local authorities in counterfeit goods and unfair trading cases and has also acted for financial institutions in matters concerning enforceability disputes, alleged mis-selling and irresponsible lending.

She is an expert on FCA compliance, authorisation and exemptions, particularly in relation to securitisations and acquisitions. Strengths: "Great with clients, quick-thinking and, frankly, a joy to work with.

" "A very impressive barrister with a keen attention to detail. In court she is a force to be reckoned with and is backed up by incredibly persuasive skeleton arguments.

" Recent work: Appeared in Lancashire Mortgage Corporation v Richardson, a trial relating to the enforcement of a one-year bridging loan that had been renewed eight times. Able to draw on over 25 years of experience in the field of consumer lending to advise on the regulatory aspects of large-scale consumer finance transactions.

His client base includes a large number of high-profile banks, financial institutions, private equity firms and debt collection companies. Strengths: "Stephen is extremely knowledgeable in this area.

" Recent work: Advised private equity firms Cinven and CVC Capital Partners on FSMA and CCA compliance regarding their acquisition of credit card and store card issuer New Day. Handles a diverse array of work focused on consumer credit and finance issues generally.

He has worked on a number of PPI and financial mis-selling cases and is called upon by businesses to advise on consumer protection compliance. Strengths: "He is extremely easy to work with and took a really practical and commercial approach.

" "He is very down to earth, easily accessible and user-friendly. He is a good courtroom advocate and uses plain language: everything you want in a junior.

" Recent work: Advised and represented a mortgage company on possession proceedings relating to a secured £1. The defendants challenged enforceability under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. A recent arrival from The 36 Group, Cameron Crowe regularly tackles cases concerning money laundering, trading standards transgressions and related fraud.

He is equally at home appearing on behalf of both the defence and the prosecution. Strengths: "Cameron is knowledgeable, hard-working and personable.

" "He was so well prepared there was nowhere the defence could go.

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Has a strong general consumer credit practice, having represented many leading financial institutions, and is an expert on due diligence relating to securitisation and licensing issues 12 Dec 2014 - The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection requested a research on the See European Commission, Consumer Empowerment in the EU, Commission Staff Working Paper, SEC(2011) helping them to know how best using comparison websites and making them aware of the potential .

Her expertise covers matters such as mis-selling issues, unfair terms and credit referencing errors.

Her non-credit practice sees her offering advice on product compliance, advertising and labelling issues. She is very thorough, very well reasoned and very persuasive in court. " "She is an expert in her field, who is technically detailed and highly accessible.

"Recent work: Appeared in Burrell and others v Helical (Bramshott Place), acting for the defendant in a case concerning transfer fee provisions of long leases in a retirement village. The High Court considered the test to be applied in determining whether an agreement provides for credit.

His practice has recently concentrated mainly on the representation of borrower entities in consumer credit litigation. He handles such matters as part of a broader practice that also encompasses professional negligence cases and property law.

Recent work: Acted in Krypton Capital v Konuk Aydemir and Kerry Aydemir, a case concerning issues of unfair relationship under the Consumer Credit Act. Has a strong financial services and consumer credit practice but also handles a wide variety of other cases including those concerning food law and sale of goods in general as well as mortgage and timeshare-related matters.

Strengths: "He knows this area extremely well and he is very effective. " "A very colourful, amusing and engaging advocate.

"Recent work: Acted in Greenwood v Hurstanger, an appeal concerning an unenforceable credit agreement. An up-and-coming barrister who is recognised for his ability in a variety of consumer law issues including sale of goods disputes, regulated lending and commercial contracts.

He represents and advises lenders, charities and local authorities. Strengths: "His written work is always of an extremely high quality, he has a very charming manner in court and he puts across his arguments very well.

" Recent work: Appeared in Swift Advances v Daley, representing the lender in an unfair relationship application arising out of mortgage repossession proceedings.

The case included a novel argument based on ECJ decisions pertaining to the use of the interest rate variation clause. Regularly represents businesses, directors and enforcing authorities on unfair trading, food law and financial regulation among other matters.

Her up-and-coming consumer law practice is aided by her background in the European Commission's consumer enforcement unit. She is very technical with excellent legal acumen, but also very friendly and approachable. " "She knows her stuff, is very sensible and her written work is of a very high quality. " Recent work: Acted for Newcastle City Council as an interested party in R v Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills.

The case, pertaining to provision of sanitary facilities in Gregg's stores, was the first to consider the Primary Authority Scheme under the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008. Return to TopBand 2THE SETThis respected set is well known for its prowess in contentious and non-contentious consumer law matters and has particular mastery of cases relating to consumer credit, consumer protection and product recalls. Members of chambers regularly receive instructions from insurance companies, banks and corporations, as well as local authorities and government bodies.

Solicitors say Henderson Chambers is a "go-to set for heavyweight consumer law matters" and is "very good at dealing with complex, technical and detailed matters. " A recent instruction was Southern Pacific Securities v Walker, the first Supreme Court judgment on the interpretation of the Consumer Credit Act rules regarding the form and content of regulated agreements.

Client service: "Clerks are extremely helpful and friendly. They make sure they get back to us and are very clear about the costs. SILKSA highly regarded silk with an established reputation for his work on consumer credit and other civil and criminal consumer law matters. He is further recognised for ability in group litigation.

Strengths: "Toby is always a pleasure to work with; he is solicitor and client-friendly, extremely hard-working and commercially savvy. " "He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of consumer credit and a very pragmatic approach to dispute resolution.

"Recent work: Advised a debt buyer on a rarely used procedure to make an application for a global substitution order on behalf of a finance company which had recently bought thousands of consumers' debts. Widely recognised for his expertise in consumer credit cases.

He is regularly instructed by banks and financial institutions and has handled the credit arrangements for the Bar. He regularly acts in leading cases concerning the Consumer Credit Act and offers advice on new forms of credit, CCA statements and warning notices.

Strengths: "He is extremely good on his feet and knows the papers inside out.

" "If he gives an opinion about something it's definitive Research. Using this book is a good way to educate yourself about the laws that affect your rights as a tenant. But given the fact that the laws and court decisions of 50 states, plus the ordinances of many thousands of You can get the text of key federal and state statutes (except Louisiana) free on many states' websites..

" Recent work: Acted in Southern Pacific Securities v Walker, the first judgment by the Supreme Court on the interpretation of the Consumer Credit Act rules regarding the form and content of regulated agreements. JUNIORSAn outstanding junior with consummate knowledge of consumer credit and consumer protection matters.

He also handles consumer contracts cases, including those involving issues such as labelling, financial products and pyramid selling. Strengths: "He has pre-eminent experience of big cases and a good appreciation of the commercial consequences.

" "He has a real eye for detail and leaves no stone unturned in his preparation for trial cases. "Recent work: Acted for the lender in Swift Advances v Daley in an appeal from a decision relating to mortgage possession concerning defendants' complaints under unfair relationship provisions.

Brings to bear comprehensive experience in financial and retail sector cases and is able to advise her clients on a broad spectrum of consumer credit issues. Such issues vary from disclosure obligations and unfair terms to non-compliance-related sanctions.

Recently she has advised on unenforceability under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and FCA notification requirements. Strengths: "Julia Smith has excellent specialist knowledge in the area of consumer credit.

" "The extent and breadth of her knowledge is exceptionally good, she is especially clear-minded in her expression of views and she is very commercially aware. " A highly proficient junior particularly recognised for his knowledge of consumer credit matters and his ability to clearly explain technical details.

His clients include financial institutions, banks and investment companies. Strengths: "He is very persuasive, very easy to work with and very pleasant.

" "He is excellent, really user-friendly and extremely bright. He turns around advisory work very quickly and is very pragmatic.

" Recent work: Acted in the PIP breast implant litigation, concerning claims brought by patients alleging that implants were defective or not fit for purpose. Able to provide guidance on a wealth of consumer law issues, from retail banking to data protection.

His practice covers the drafting of credit and hire documentation, financial regulation and claims of unfair contract terms, among other issues. Strengths: "Nobody can touch Dennis in technical knowledge on consumer credit.

" "Very contactable - his accessibility is second to none. " Recent work: Advised the Consumer Credit Trade Association in connection with a raft of matters including unfair contract terms, loans and the liability and release of joint debtors.

His consumer law practice is strong on the finance side and he regularly deals with consumer credit agreements, personal loans and PPI policies I have two main areas of research interest. The first is consumer protection law and policy. Within this broad area, I am particularly interested in how we protect consumers ( for example what types of law we use and how well they work) and in why we protect consumers in the way(s) we do. My second main area of interest in .

He is also noted for his work in sale of goods cases and disputes relating to product defects. He is a former solicitor who also handles matters relating to the supply of services and sale of goods.

Strengths: "Henry is very thorough, well organised and completely dependable. " Recent work: Represented the lender in Axton & Axton v GE Money Mortgages. The case led to one of the few judgments in the senior courts considering the extent to which the summary disposal of unfair relationships claims is appropriate given the reverse burden of proof.

Return to TopBand 3Strengths: "A great barrister - he is bright and diligent.

" Recent work: Acted for the first defendant in Operation Cleo (R v Oliver et al), a case concerning alleged copycat websites and involving issues of fraud and breach of Consumer Protection Regulations.

JUNIORSHandles consumer law as part of a wider criminal practice and has been involved in some of the most important matters around including the largest case ever prosecuted by the OFT. He obtained the largest ever consumer law confiscation order and has further established his credentials by becoming the lead editor of the main guide to the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

He further acts in an advisory capacity for companies. Strengths: "What he doesn't know isn't worth knowing.

" "He is thorough, down to earth, personable, reassuring and a very persuasive advocate. " Recent work: Acted as leading counsel for the second defendant in R v Gowans and others, the largest ever copycat website case brought by the National Trading Standards Board.

Enjoys an excellent reputation as one of the top juniors in the area of consumer law. He regularly acts for both prosecution and defence and has significant experience working on product safety, consumer protection and unfair trading cases.

His clients include prosecuting authorities and organisations as well as individuals and businesses, with particular concentration in the supermarket sector. His consumer law practice is supported by his expertise in trade mark, copyright and health and safety law.

Strengths: "He is a pillar of knowledge and support and as an advocate he is absolutely fantastic. I enjoy watching him because he commands the room.

" "Miles Bennett is not so much from the womb as from the pages of Evelyn Waugh.

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"Recent work: Represented Suffolk County Council in the Court of Appeal resisting an appeal by Westminster Recliners and its director, who had previously been convicted of using aggressive commercial practices to sell reclining chairs to elderly and vulnerable customers.

Both prosecutes and defends consumer law cases in all levels of tribunals including the Court of Appeal. Her clients include local authorities, prosecution agencies, companies, directors and individuals and she is an expert in everything from trading standards to copyright infringement.

Strengths: "Has extensive knowledge and experience. She is very clear with the advice she gives and has a no-nonsense approach in trial.

If you have a tough, hard case she is the one for you.

" Recent work: Appeared for the prosecution in London Borough of Camden v Steven and Susan Lee. The defendants were successfully prosecuted for misleading claims, food safety and labelling offences related to their sale of products which they claimed could cure diseases such as HIV.

An up-and-coming junior who is recognised for his work in trading standards cases, including those involving counterfeit goods, product safety and other consumer law issues. He regularly advises prosecuting authorities on matters related to investigations pre-charge.

Strengths: "His advice and his representation in court is seamless. " Recent work: Acted for the prosecution as leading junior in R v Christopher Whatcott.

The case concerned an intermediary involved with the sale of Energy Performance Certificates for residential premises. The individual defendant was accused of a number of fraud and regulatory offences.