Mathematics LaboratoryThe mathematics laboratory is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. It is a place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles, and other teaching and learning material.

The materials are meant to be used both by the students on their own and with their teacher to explore the world of mathematics, to discover, to learn and to develop an interest in mathematics A Guide to Writing Mathematics. Dr. Kevin P. Lee. Introduction. This is a math class! Why are we writing? There is a good chance that you have never written a paper in a math class before. So you might be wondering why writing is required in your math class now. The Greek word mathemas, from which we derive the word .

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To see list and details of the activities, use this link: Hands-on Mathematics ActivitiesThe activities in the maths lab should be appealing to a wide range of people, of different ages and varying mathematical proficiency. While the initial appeal is broad-based, the level of engagement of different individuals may vary. The maths lab activities listed here have been done with students and teachers of different grade levels.

The activities are intended to give children an experience of doing mathematics and not merely for the purpose of demonstration.

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Many of the activities present a problem or a challenge, with the possibility of generating further challenges and problems How to Write a Math Lab Report. Ideally, your report should be typed. If your printer runs out of ink, or you do not have a printer, you can email your report to [email protected] Style guidelines. Typed Report. Handwritten. Headings should be in a sans serif font (Arial, Verdana). Body text should be in a serif font (Times..

The activities help students to visualize, manipulate and reason. They provide opportunity to make conjectures and test them, and to generalize observed patterns.

They create a context for students to attempt to prove their conjectures.

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Observed patterns can only suggest mathematical hypotheses and conjectures, not provide evidence to support them. (Sometimes, they may help to disprove a conjecture through a counter-example.

) Mathematical truths are accepted only on the basis of proofs, and not through experiment At Benedictine University, we subscribe to the philosophy that writing is central to students' education and future success and therefore, it belongs in every discipline. Since Differential Equations are designated as a WI course, when completing lab reports, students are required not only to do the math, but also to answer all .

Mathematics laboratory is a place to enjoy mathematics through informal exploration.

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It is a space to explore and design new mathematical activities. So, the maths lab should not be used to assess students’ knowledge of mathematics. Often mathematics lab takes students knowledge beyond the curriculum.

Mathematics laboratory is a self-explanatory lab with activities, in which students could come anytime (free to them) and engage in the work, continue working on the problems/tasks, and use teachers as and when they are stuck.

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The facilitation could be done either by probing questions, giving an extra resource or asking to follow or discuss with peers. Mathematics Laboratory ManualIn this report we have described some activities which could typically be included in a school mathematics laboratory. The activities are suitable for students of class 6 to class 10.

We have also included a couple of activities suitable for a lower level — the place-value snake and the fraction chart.

The items have been grouped under two broad headings: (i) activities and (ii) games and puzzles Writing a Formal Mathematical Report. General Information. Your analytical work in solving problems is of no value if you cannot communicate it to others. A written report is just one method of doing this. The ability to write clear, concise, accurate, and professional looking reports is as important as the analysis that goes into .

The activities could be done individually by students, with guidance from a teacher, or could be used for demonstration with a small group of students. Some of the activities could also be used as teaching aids in a classroom. The games and puzzles are fun to do individually and all of them contain some element of mathematics which can be explored while doing them or as a sequel.

Some of these items have been developed by the authors at HBCSE.

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