What Can I Become if I Study Tourism and Hospitality at an International University? 10 Mar 2017 Continue your search Contrary to what you might think, working in Tourism and Hospitality is not like a never-ending vacation. This fast-changing, dynamic and highly competitive field, expects well-trained professionals with a serious work ethic.

That's why - to be the top of your game and get a good start - it's very important you complete a well-regarded study programme abroad.

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International locations for a Tourism degreeYou can find Master's degree in Tourism all over the world. Here are some of the best countries where to start looking:Here are some great universities to study Tourism:1. Hotel and resort staffWhere tourists rest during their vacation is one of the most important details of a holiday.

If you plan to work in a hotel, motel or resort, it's your job to make sure your guests get top quality accommodation, or you'll never see them again next year.

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Travel attendantTwo of the largest tourism-related industries are airline travel and luxury cruise services. Whether working in the air or at sea, you'll be one of the many tourism management graduates employed in operations management, leadership positions, logistics or invoicing and reservations.

You need to help travellers feel safe and comfortable while tackling any unexpected problems they may face.

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Top career opportunities in the travel industry include:Flight attendant3. Food and beverage servicesThe food services industry is more than just putting food on the table. Hospitality graduates working in restaurants, bars or cafeterias have to do their best to turn meals into special events, while also ensuring the food looks good and is safe to eat.

Restaurants and bars need to be well staffed and supplied and respect safety and storage regulations while making a profit.

If you plan to work in the food industry you'll need to be calm under pressure, polite and organised The Strategic Tourism and Hospitality Management honours degree focuses strongly Assessments will take the form of individual and group coursework, which is vocationally relevant. As a full-time student a normal learning block will mean that you get 18 hours of For further information please visit the CTH website..

If you want to work in the kitchen some studies in cooking are required as can find work as:Chef or kitchen staff4. Entertainment managerEven if your guests are well rested and well fed, they still need more to have an unforgettable holiday. Whether making sure guests have fun without getting hurt, they watch the best performers, have an enhanced adventure experience, entertainment specialists have a lot on their plate.

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Event plannerAnother increasingly popular career option for graduates of tourism and hospitality management is in event management or event planning. Your job would involve overseeing planning upcoming events with large numbers of guests. There's a tonne of things to consider here: from making sure your guests are properly seated and comfortable, they get meals according to their preference, make sure the event schedule is kept, all devices used for presentation function properly, supply any auxiliary pamphlets.

If the event also has a specific theme, them your eye for detail will come in very handy. Holiday counsellorWith a management course in tourism and hospitality, you could even pursue a career as a travel counsellor. This involves giving guidance to clients about the best travel destinations and any special offers that might get them better deals.

You would be able to work closely with the client and oversee proper travel arrangements like booking reservations, issuing necessary documentation and giving notifications about any changes or new requirements related to their travel plans 10 Mar 2017 - Choosing a tourism and hospitality degree abroad will get you accustomed to Top universities offering degrees in Hospitality Management..

Travel agentAverage salaries in hospitality careersWorking in the tourism and hospitality industry can be very lucrative.

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Here are some yearly wage estimates in the Tourism and Hospitality industry in top international locations:United States – average of 52,000 USD/yearSwitzerland – average of 48,000 USD/yearSpain – average of 26,800 EUR/yearFrance – average of 22,000 EUR/yearGermany – average of 26,600 EUR/yearRegardless of what career in tourism management you choose, you will need excellent English skills and being fluent in another language is a great plus. Check out many language courses worldwide!Apply right now to a Master’s in Tourism and Event ManagementCheck out some universities offering Tourism and Hospitality Masters where you can apply: