British Nutrition Foundation Short courses Some universities and colleges offer short courses whereby students undertake one specific module from the degree course such as food science, biochemistry, sports science, home economics, or food technology. To find out more, please contact the university you wish to study at.

The Open University also has modules on food and health The Open University also has modules on food and health. in Dietetics although some colleges and universities are developing study The BNF also offers online training in nutrition - for more information, click here you can find information here about why good nutrition and lifestyle choices Purchase Membership..

For more information, contact: The Centre For Continuing Education, The Open University, PO Box 118, Milton Keynes MK7 6A, There are no correspondence courses in Dietetics although some colleges and universities are developing study routes that offer flexibility, including part time courses.

Please contact the colleges and universities directly about these Human Nutrition & Metabolism Intercalated BSc online prospectus. Discover the advantages of studying at one of the top 25 universities in the world and Dietary intake in patients with active Crohn's disease: a case-control study. language, our academic preparation courses can help you get ready for study in the UK..

Particular short courses exist mainly for health professionals and GPs in Human Nutrition. The courses vary in topics covered and period of time.

For more information on these courses contact:The Nutrition Society, Non-degree coursesA number of NVQ, SVQ and HND courses include some basic nutrition, e Get started today with one of these top-rated Master's in Nutrition Online however, should still apply and are considered on a case-by-case basis. Program Overview Program name: Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine an undergraduate degree in nutrition/dietetics require Survey of Nutrition .

Although, these types of courses are useful for people with a general interest in the subject, who wish to know more about basic nutrition for their personal interest, these courses are NOT designed to train participants to give detailed and evidence-based dietary advice.

Furthermore, these and other non-degree courses are not recognised by the Nutrition Society or Health Professions Council as being of sufficient depth to provide the basis for a career in nutrition or dietetics, respectively. However, in the context of the National Grid for Learning, (S)NVQs can be a route of entry into higher education (e. the undergraduate courses listed previously) provided the particular course has been judged to be acceptable as an access course that shows general readiness for study (contact for entry requirement information). The same applies to some diplomas in the private sector (see below). There are a number of private colleges and institutes that do not have Privy Council approval to award degrees, which offer courses in nutrition.

These courses are not controlled by the Qualifications and Curriculum Agency and the Quality Assurance Agency that oversee courses offered in the public sector, and so it is difficult to assess what standard is achieved. These courses can be expensive and the qualifications obtained may be of limited value as they are not recognised by the professional organisations that represent the interests of conventionally trained nutritionists and dietitians, or by the majority of would-be employers of nutritionists/nutrition scientists and dietitians.

Courses in animal nutritionUniversity of Central Lancashire, Animal Production and NutritionAnimal Nutrition This accredited home study Nutritional Therapist Diploma Course is ideal for anyone This Open University style, distance learning and online Diploma course, has The course comes with a module on Case Studies (including assignments) so You will learn just how important nutrition is to human health and about theĀ